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For Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories we have 12 cheats/hints/walkthroughs registered.
Each of them are different, we recommend you look at all of them.
Cheat  (PSX, 0.0859 K)
Cheat  (PSX, 2.6602 K)
Walkthrough  (PSX, 75.5928 K)
Hint  (PSX, 0.5107 K)
Hint  (PSX, 0.2109 K)
Hint  (PSX, 1.6650 K)
Hint  (PSX, 1.1602 K)
Hint  (PSX, 0.5840 K)
Hint  (PSX, 0.1982 K)
Hint  (PSX, 0.5938 K)
Hint  (PSX, 0.1855 K)
Hint  (PSX, 1.9482 K)
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